‘I am just a shadow of who I used to be’—Exploring existential loss of identity among people living with chronic conditions of Long COVID

Chao Fang, Sarah Akhtar Baz,  Laura Sheard, JD Carpentieri  full text

“I don’t know what to do or where to go”. Experiences of accessing healthcare support from the perspectives of people living with Long Covid and healthcare professionals: A qualitative study in Bradford, UK

Sarah Akhtar Baz,  Chao Fang,  JD Carpentieri, Laura Sheard full text

Characterising patterns of COVID-19 and long COVID symptoms: Evidence from nine UK longitudinal studies

Ruth C. E. Bowyer, Charlotte Huggins, Renin Toms,  Richard J. Shaw, Bo Hou, Ellen J. Thompson, Alex Kwong,, Dylan Williams,  Milla Kibble,  George B. Ploubidis, Nic Timpson, Jonathan A. C. Sterne, Nish Chaturvedi,   Claire J. Steves, Kate Tilling,   Richard J. Silverwood the CONVALESCENCE Study full text

Association of COVID-19 with arterial and venous vascular diseases: a 2 population-wide cohort study of 48 million adults in England and Wales

Rochelle Knight, Venexia Walker, Samantha Ip, Jennifer A Cooper, Thomas Bolton, Spencer Keene, Rachel Denholm, Ashley Akbari, Hoda Abbasizanjani, Fatemeh Torabi, Efosa Omigie, Sam Hollings, Teri Louise North, Renin Toms, Emanuele Di Angelantonio, Spiros Denaxas, Johan H Thygesen, Christopher Tomlinson, Ben Bray, Craig J Smith, Mark Barber, George Davey Smith, Nishi Chaturvedi, Cathie Sudlow, William N Whiteley, Angela Wood, Jonathan A C Sterne for the CVD-COVID-UK/COVID-IMPACT consortium and the Longitudinal Health and Wellbeing COVID-19 National Core Study Full text

Long COVID burden and risk factors in 10 UK longitudinal studies and electronic health records

Ellen J. Thompson, Dylan M. Williams, Alex J. Walker, Ruth E. Mitchell, Claire L. Niedzwiedz, Tiffany C. Yang, Charlotte F. Huggins, Alex S. F. Kwong, Richard J. Silverwood, Giorgio Di Gessa, Ruth C.E. Bowyer, Kate Northstone, Bo Hou, Michael J. Green, Brian Dodgeon, Katie J. Doores, Emma L. Duncan, Frances Williams, OpenSAFELY Collaborative, Andrew Steptoe, David J. Porteous, Rosemary R. C. McEachan, Laurie Tomlinson, Ben Goldacre, Praveetha Patalay, George B. Ploubidis, Srinivasa Vittal Katikireddi, Kate Tilling, Christopher T. Rentsch, Nicholas J Timpson, Nishi Chaturvedi, Claire J. Steves  full text

Illness duration and symptom profile in symptomatic UK school-aged children tested for SARS-CoV-2

Erika Molteni*, Carole H Sudre*, Liane S Canas, Sunil S Bhopal, Robert C Hughes, Michela Antonelli, Benjamin Murray, Kerstin Kläser, Eric Kerfoot, Liyuan Chen, Jie Deng, Christina Hu, Somesh Selvachandran, Kenneth Read, Joan Capdevila Pujol, Alexander Hammers, Tim D Spector, Sebastien Ourselin, Claire J Steves, Marc Modat, Michael Absoud, Emma L Duncan Full Text

Clinical coding of long COVID in English primary care: a federated analysis of 58 million patient records in situ using OpenSAFELY

Alex J Walker, Brian MacKenna, Peter Inglesby, Laurie Tomlinson, Christopher T Rentsch, Helen J Curtis, Caroline E Morton, Jessica Morley, Amir Mehrkar, Seb Bacon, George Hickman, Chris Bates, Richard Croker, David Evans, Tom Ward, Jonathan Cockburn, Simon Davy, Krishnan Bhaskaran, Anna Schultze, Elizabeth J Williamson, William J Hulme, Helen I McDonald, Rohini Mathur, Rosalind M Eggo, Kevin Wing, Angel YS Wong, Harriet Forbes, John Tazare, John Parry, Frank Hester, Sam Harper, Shaun O’Hanlon, Alex Eavis, Richard Jarvis, Dima Avramov, Paul Griffiths, Aaron Fowles, Nasreen Parkes, Ian J Douglas, Stephen JW Evans, Liam Smeeth, Ben Goldacre and (The OpenSAFELY Collaborative) Full Text



Long COVID Outcomes

Rates of serious clinical outcomes in survivors of hospitalisation with COVID-19: a descriptive cohort study within the OpenSAFELY platform The OpenSAFELY Collaborative;

John Tazare, Alex J Walker, Laurie Tomlinson, George Hickman, Christopher T Rentsch, Elizabeth J Williamson , Krishnan Bhaskaran, David Evans, Kevin Wing, Rohini Mathur, Angel YS Wong, Anna Schultze, Seb Bacon, Chris Bates, Caroline E Morton, Helen J Curtis, Emily Nightingale, Helen I McDonald, Amir Mehrkar, Peter Inglesby , Simon Davy, Brian MacKenna, Jonathan Cockburn, William J Hulme, Charlotte Warren-Gash, Ketaki Bhate, Dorothea Nitsch, Emma Powell, Amy Mulick, Harriet Forbes, Caroline Minassian, Richard Croker, John Parry, Frank Hester, Sam Harper , Rosalind M Eggo , Stephen JW Evans, Liam Smeeth, Ian J Douglas, Ben Goldacre  Full Text

Long COVID Risk Factors

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